Thursday, August 20, 2015

OtterLab on Etsy!

I received a very cool item to review from a shop on etsy by the name of OtterLab 
This item is a little outside my theme for this blog but I was super excited to give it a try. 
They sent me this cool device that you use to hold all your mason jars!
Its a really cool and unique item that I've never seen before. All you do is hang the piece up and slide your Mason  Jars right in. At first I was very special about how this would even work, but to my surprise its actually does a really good job at it!

Before receiving this I was thinking about what exactly I wanted to use it for and I couldn't decide because I knew that there could be so many uses for this. For example this would be perfect in any garage or workshop, for all small pieces like nuts, bolts and screws. This would be perfect in the bathroom to hold small items like cotton balls, Q-tips ect. It would also be perfect in a kitchen to hang up any mason jar cups that you have. This is how I plan on using this, I'm going to attach it to the underside of my kitchen cabinets. I do have to admit after receiving this item it has made me go Mason Jar crazy lol I was to get a bunch more to fill up my racks lol.
I highly suggest checking this shop out and buying one of these racks! You will not be disappointed in the quality of this items and I promise you that!
Check this shop out here!