Friday, August 21, 2015

ChicShedJewelry on Etsy! Interview :)


Name: Alyssa Galloway
Location: Sesser, Illinois, USA
Age: 25
Name of shop: Chic Shed Jewelry
How'd you come up with the name of your shop: Well, I had several other names in mind at first, but when I searched on Etsy or Google, I would find they had already been taken! I wanted my name to be straight to the point, and so 'chic' (stylish) 'shed' (another name for deer antlers) and 'jewelry' (obvious) became the name of my shop! I know not everyone knows about shed antlers, antler deer shed naturally each year, but I put the information in each description of my items so my customers understand the connection to my shop name and where my products come from.
How long has your shop been open: Since March 31st, 2015
What gave you the idea about opening an etsy shop: I started by painted a deer skull actually. I have always been very artistic and had a lot of fun painting. Then I remembered seeing someone at a craft show once selling cross necklaces made from deer antlers. I didn't know how to create what they were selling exactly, but I knew I personally would love a deer antler necklace. My husband helped with cutting and sanding the deer antlers, and I went to hobby Lobby to find some accessories like cord to string my antlers onto. I made three items, and began posting them on local facebook swap pages. No one seemed very impressed or cared, but I KNEW they were awesome and I would buy them. I had bought from Etsy before, and I thought it was like Ebay but for handmade items. I didn't realize I was opening a business until after the fact. But I opened an Etsy store and listed my items with some mediocre pictures and hardly any information in my shop. Luckily, I was in a mom's Facebook group with another woman who had been selling on Etsy for a while, who referred me to a couple Etsy Facebook groups. From there, my shop really took off.
Is this a hobby of your or do you do this full time?: Before my shop, I was a full time stay at home mommy. So I still stay at home with my son, and then run my Etsy shop full time. I consider it more than a hobby, but less than a career if that makes sense, though I would love for it to morph into a career.
What kind of items do you sell in your shop: I sell items made of deer antler. I also have hand painted deer skulls. All the antlers and skulls were found in the woods and ethically harvested. I have made much more than jewelry from antlers though, including wedding items, home decor like wreaths or coasters, headbands, just so much! My main focus is jewelry though, necklaces, earrings, rings, etc.

Your favorite item that you sell: Deer tine necklaces. They make up half of my shop and are my most popular items, and I love them as well. If I had to pick my favorite item in store now, it would be this one:


Something you want to happen to your shop in the future: I'm hoping to become profitable soon! One thing I would love to happen is for a celebrity to order or a major tv show to have one of my items worn on it. that would be amazing.
Do you have any plans for your shop products in the future: Always
If so what: I do have some ideas for a simplistic jewelry line using heavy gauge copper wire in the future, and I am half way through a deer antler jewelry hanger and a stocking hanger. I hope to do all those by end of this year.
What is something you want your future customers to know about your shop: Each of my pieces are one of a kind, priced very reasonably so that I've been told to raise prices several times but refuse, and that deer were not harmed in the making of your beautiful items that are as unique as you are. With over 100 items in my shop, priced $7 and up, there is something for everyone!
For my favorite item I picked something very different, I picked this beautiful boutique of flowers. As soon as I seen this my eyes were attracted right away, there is just something about this that I absolutely love. I love how its "rustic" as well. I can see this being used at a country style weddings, it would be perfect.

Check her shop out here: