Friday, August 21, 2015

DelightNaturals on Etsy!

I received 2 different types of products from a shop on Etsy by the name of DelightNaturals
The first items she sent me are My Little Pony lip balms. I was super excited when I seen these because the packaging is super cute, and colorful. I read all the flavors and couldn't decide what I wanted to try, so I literally tried all of these within the first 5 minutes lol. These lip balms are super hydrating and go on the skin nice and lightly. I was super impressed by these especially by the scents, each of these actually smell just like the scent! I was so surprised usually with lip balms they either work really good or the smell really good, but that not the case with these! These are the best of both worlds. My favorite one of these is the cotton
Retails:($2.75 each)
Next she included a different set of lip balms. These ones are in black packaging, at first I thought these might be for men, so that what I told my boyfriend, because I knew he wouldn't try the my little pony ones lol. He really enjoyed these as well. All of the lip balms she sent me are super nice, and would make really great presents pretty much for anyone.
Retails:($2.75 each)
Next she sent me a sugar scrub soap. This smells sooooo good! I'm such a huge peppermint person so I was super excited to see this in my package. My whole package smelt just like peppermints. I only ended up using this once because I'm trying to save this because I know this is going to be the perfect soap for winter time. I'm super impressed by this as well. I just used it on my hands, and it made my skin super soft.
I'm definitely curious on trying some more of her products because I'm literally blown away by these, and I want to see if her other products are as fabulous as these are!
Make sure you check out her shop here: