Tuesday, August 18, 2015

MugShotsTampa on Facebook!

I received 2 beautiful pieces from MugShotsTampa on Facebook!
The shop owners name is Shannon and she is super friendly and communicates really well!
I told her I wanted something Disney related and she did a phenomenal job. She hand painted two glasses for me. This first one she painted is a black coffee mug that says "Dream" on it. This mug is beautiful and has gold and silver paint on it. I'm pretty excited about this mug to be honest.
The next item I received is a shot glass. This shot glass has an adorable tiara on it which I love!
This glass has pink and gold in it which is really eye-catching. Both of these pieces are incredible and you can see the amount of time she puts into each and every piece which is just awesome. Not only is her work that paints really nice, but also the type of glasses that she chose to paint on is really nice as well.
I highly suggest checking her out here: