Friday, August 7, 2015

MagicalCreationsByAmy on Etsy!

I reviewed some beautiful jewelry from a store by the name of  MagicalCreationsByAmy

She sent me 3 adorable and beautiful peices that I just absolutely love so much! The first peice is a necklace that is shaped like Mickey! It's so adorable! The quality of her products are just so great. They feel super durable but so danity at the same time. The fact that she and makes these is just incredible and blows my mind!
Retails: ($15.00)

She also included a pair of matching earrings that is equally as adorable as the necklace! They go great together as a pair and I really can't wait to wear these the next time I go to Disney world!
Retails: ($12.00)

The last peice she included is a purse charm. It's beautiful with lots of bead detailing on it. I just love it. The clasp on it is very sturdy and feels very secure so you don't need to worry about it coming detached to whatever you decide to put it on too
(made custom for me, not featured in her shop)

Make sure you check this shop out she has a lot of beautiful peices and you will not be disappointed I can guarantee it!

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