Monday, August 24, 2015

KareCreates on Etsy!

I'm super excited to start this review from KareCreates On Etsy!
I have a large assortment of different products to review from her shop today!
First I have a painted mason jar inspired by the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. This jar was painted really well and I love the label on it, its perfect if your a Nightmare Before Christmas fan.
Next she included 3 empty bottles, again inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas. These are adorable and I love how they have a small cork for the top, there pretty adorable. These are great décor and I cant wait to will these and make them look great!
Next I received a mini blue French horn, not really sure what this is about, but its pretty cute.
Next I received 3 different key chains that I love! There made out of a glass like material not really sure what exactly it is. Honestly it makes me think of Shrinky Dinks, a toy I had in the past. Anyways these are well made and seem super durable. She attached these to nice key rings as well!
Door Frame:
Door Knob:
Next she included little potion bottle keychains! These are absolutely adorable.
Make sure you check her shop out she has a lot of great items including Disney and there all great :)