Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Gypsy's Victorian Bath & Body

I recieved 2 different products from a company by the name of Gypsy's Victorian Bath & Body

Whipped body butter and wax tarts!

The first product is whipped body butter. Which is absoultley incredible! I recieved 3 different scents to try out. 
French lilac: very fresh and floral
Salted Caramel: literally to die for it smells so good and sweet and super strong I'm in love with this scent 
Gardenia: not something I would usually grab for but I'm actually a big fan of this scent. It smells super sweet and is really similar to the scent sweet pea which is one of my all time favorites. 

Retails: ($10.00 each)

 I love the texture of this product these body butters are super thick and not runny at all! There really moisturizing! One of the best things about this product in my opinion is that you really don't need a lot at all! Just a little tiny bit and you can spread it really easily. 

Next I recieved 3 different scents in her handcrafted was tarts
Salted Caramel: I couldn't say no when I seen this was available in the wax tart as well and once again it smells great!
Fruity pebbles: literally smells just like the cereal smells a lot like lemon super fruity and smells great!
Starbucks: smells just like coffee super powerful with scent I love this one. 

These packs come like pretty much any other wax tarts you find anywhere 6 little cubes in one package. I personally used this in my Scentsy and they melted perfectly and was very powerful with scent. I was surprised with how well these worked. Considering how much I am in love with Scentsy. I actually would prefer these over the Scentsy one just because I found them way more powerful in scent and they are really affordable 

Retails: ($ 5.00 each or 5 for $20.00)

Check these out you will not be disappointed. She takes PayPal and you have them delivered right to your door!
Her Facebook page is under her name
Susan Bruno!

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