Wednesday, August 26, 2015

GreetingsA2Z on Etsy!

I received 3 beautiful handmade greeting cards from GreetingsA2Z
The first card is a vertical card, this card is so pretty and colorful. It also has a really cool 3D effect to it, which makes this card really eye-catching She spent a lot of time making this and I love how many different layers are on this card it's pretty cool.
On the inside of this card it's pretty basic and just has one small banner to match the outside of the card.
The next card is probably my favorite one out of the three that she sent me. This one is  a horizontal one, which I also tend to lean towards when picking out a card. This one is packed with small details, a ribbon, pearls, and a flower! This card has got it going on, and that's for sure.
The inside is packed with the details as well, I love how this one opens up, its really beautiful on the inside as well
Now this card has a beautiful design on the outside, I love all the bright colors of this one. This one is pretty basic and simple, but still really pretty.
Retails:($10.00 for 4)
The inside is just white and blank which is good because it gives you a lot of room to write inside and personalize it :)
All of these cards that were sent to me also included envelopes for each as well!
I don't know about you but when I'm typically picking out a card in the store, I can never find one that I like, I'm super picky when it comes to picking out cards, and when I do find one I like there always $10.00 or more for just one!, and let me just tell you I'm not going to pay that for a card.
These cards are beautifully made and could be used for many different occasions. I also appreciate getting a beautiful card, so I'm super excited to be able to use these in the next coming months. Make sure you check her shop out, you wont be disappointed and her prices are fabulous!
Check it out here: