Wednesday, August 26, 2015

EARSforCHEERS on Etsy :)

I received some pretty awesome Minnie Mouse ears from a shop on Etsy by the name of EARSforCHEERS
She sent me an adorable pair of Minnie ears thats has a huge pink glittery bow on top of them :)

These ears are absolutely beautiful. I was browsing her etsy shop and these instantly got my attention, and let me just tell you in person there even better. I can't begin to tell you how impressed I was with these. They arrived just in time, because the day after I went to Disney World and I wore these bad boys! While I was at Disney I got so many compliments on these, it was  intense. I've always wanted to get a pair of ears from an etsy shop and I was always curious to how the quality of these would compare to the real ones at Disney, and honestly I'm blown away. These are hands down way better then any ones I could have purchased from Disney, and besides these stick out  and no one had these :)

......And I forgot to mention the best part about these is that they light up. Yup thats right the big bow on top has light in it! I was curious to how these would light up at night and they are so bright! I wore these at night at magic kingdom and I got lots of stares that night lol

I'm super impressed with the switch on the bow as well. It's easy to use.

The real test for me was how they were going to feel once I put them on, and surprise yet again there super comfortable. I wore these all day long and pretty much forgot I was wearing them, except when people kept complimenting on them lol. I even wore these on rides and they didnt budge!

She even put a small pink bow on the back which is so cute!

I highly recommend this shop I guarantee you wont be disappointed, she's got so many to choose from i'm sure you will find the perfect pair of ears just for you!
Check her shop out here: