Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Created2Treasure on Etsy!

I received two very awesome crochet pieces from a shop by the name of Created2Treasure on Etsy!
The first item she sent me is a super adorable little mermaid EOS lip balm holder. This case is so cute and features all the colors that is in Ariel's character. This case also has a fin at the bottom, which is so cool that she actually included that. It has smalls details like a small gold shell button used to open and close the case. This was really well made. 
The next thing I received is an adorable crochet water bottle holder. This is so me it's not even funny lol it has pink, bows, glitter, and Minnie mouse! This is perfect and I love it. I'm super excited to use this out. It also has a really long strap on it so you can carry it easier.
Inside the water bottle holder she also include a personalized water bottle, which I have already started to use.
I suggest checking her shop out here: