Tuesday, August 18, 2015

DreamWeavingWarrior on Etsy!

I received a beautiful dream catcher from shop by the name of DreamWeavingWarrior on Etsy!
I've always wanted a dream catcher ever sense I was a little kid, but I never got one. The reason being I could never find one that I actually wanted, and would go with the décor to my room. When I first seen this one I couldn't believe it. I've never ever found a pink dream catcher before, and this one is so pretty. You can see all the details she included in this, like the little beads that are spread through out the dream catcher. I am in love with this and all of the other ones listed in her shop are super pretty as well!
I highly suggest checking her shop out if your looking for a dream catcher she makes really pretty and inexpensive ones that are super unique and one of a kind!
Make sure you check her shop out: