Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Britteny'sBoutique on Etsy! Interview :)


Name: Britteny Olney
Location: Elmira, NY
Age: 29
Name of  your shop: Britteny'sBoutique
How did you come up with the name of your shop: It flowed with my name and sounded catchy! I knew it was something that people would remember!!
How long has your shop been open: Since January 2013
What gave you the idea to open an Etsy shop: My husband encouraged me after many friends and family members had requested blankets and sweaters for their little ones. 
Is this a hobby or do you do this full time: I like to think of this as a full-time hobby!
What kind of items do you sell in your shop: Crocheted toys and clothes for babies, toddlers, and children.
What is your favorite item that you sell: My Britteny's Boutique Friend Forever (BBFF) Dolls
Do you have any plans for your products in the future: I've been writing a lot of patterns lately, and I'm planning to move the shop toward only featuring items that I've designed.

What is something you want your future customers to know about your shop: Every item is hand crafted by me personally, and I strive to make sure that 
every customer is completely satisfied!! 
My favorite item for sale that is in her shop has got to be this adorable puppy! I'm in love with him! he looks so cute and pretty big as well. She has other pictures of him posted in her etsy shop and he has so many details, you can tell it took a very long time to make him!