Tuesday, August 11, 2015

BookOfMemories on Etsy!

I received a beautiful autograph memory book from a shop by the name of BookOfMemories

This book is so well made! It's made on a cardboard like material. It feels super sturdy. It has holes punched through each page and it's connected with 3 little metal rings. It has little pieces of ribbon tied around all of the rings which is so cute!
Retails: ($24.00)

The front page she customized it and wrote December 2016, which will be perfect because I have one of my bigger Disney trips planned for Decemeber!

Each page has a certain character theme which is pretty cool!  Each page also contains a place for a photo and a place for an autograph as well!

Each page is packed with extremely small details! You can see all of the hard work she puts into making these books and it's incredible! Each page theme matcha perfect with all the stickers and different papers used. 

I really recommend checking her shop out!

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