Wednesday, August 12, 2015

MimisJars on Etsy Interview :)

I had the chance to interview Megan from MimisJar on Etsy!

Name: Megan

Location: Michigan

Age: 23

Name of shop: MimisJars

How'd you come up with the name of your shop: My niece and nephew call me Mimi and at the time I was working with mostly jars. 

How long has your shop been open: June 2014

What gave you the idea about opening an etsy shop: I had done a paint project with my niece and nephew. I posted the pictures and people loved it. I figured I'd try my hand at selling and Etsy was the first place I thought of.

Is this a hobby of your or do you do this full time?: Right now it's a hobby with hopes of becoming full time. 

What kind of items do you sell in your shop: I sell a mix of sugar scrubs and home decor

Your favorite item that you sell: I can't pick a favorite! I love every item that is shipped out

Something you want to happen to your shop in the future: I hope to add more scents to my sugar scrubs and to add more variety to my home decor, as well.

Do you have any plans for your shop products in the future: Yes.

If so what: Some of my sugar scrubs are not 100% natural and I am working on making all of them natural. 

What is something you want your future customers to know about your shop: I do take custom orders for baby showers, bridal parties, and gifts for any time. I generally give a discount for those bulk orders!
This is a really cute shop! She sell's lots of different types of scrubs in a large assortment of different scents. I personally haven't tried any yet but they all sound really amazing! My favorite item in her shop has to be this Mason Jar that she painted its so pretty!!!!

Check her shop out here:

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