Monday, August 24, 2015

BlingItByDesign on Etsy!

I received two different type of items from a shop on etsy by the name of BlingItByDesign
The first item I received is a beautiful customized lunch box. This lunch box is just perfect! I love how she customized this just for me. It has a rhinestone Minnie face, with the Disney "D" in the insde. This lunch box is the perfect size not to big and not to small. I also love how there is a pocket on the front which is really handy and could be used for a lot of thing!
This lunchbox is super insulated and easy to clean out, which is great for a lunch box sense there will be food inside. I also thought about using this as shower bag, to hold all my soaps, and shower supplies, this will be perfect for traveling! This is also  the perfect lunchbox for Disney and I'm super excited to use it this weekend when I go :)
I was really nervous about how the rhinestones would hold up, but these seem really secure to the bag. These rhinestones are a bit flatter then normal so I'm assuming there not going to fall off which is really great.
She also included a pink bow on the zipper which is absolutely adorable and the perfect finishing touch to this bag
These bags are really well made, there super durable and you can see the amount of time she puts into them to make them just perfect. I'm so happy with this lunch box, and I know you will be too if you get one as well!
The 2nd piece I received is this adorable card holder. It's perfect and once again she customized this just for me with my name on it. The back of this is sticky so you can stick this anywhere to hold some of your cards, which is pretty handy. I'm not exactly sure how I will be using this yet, but I know that I will find the perfect use for it :)
Visit her shop here: