Monday, August 24, 2015

BettyPillows on etsy!

I received an adorable pillow cover from a shop on etsy by the name of BettyPillows!

She made me an adorable pillow cover with Minnie Mouse on it. The red and white polka dot fabric feels just like ordinary cotton fabric but the inside black part is super soft almost like a fleece material. This pillow is adorable. I'm pretty sure it's goin to be hard to find a pillow this size so I'm thinking about just stuffing this with pillow filling instead because it will be a lot easier. The quality of this pillow is really great. I love the 3D effect of the bow gives,it's pretty adorable and adds a lot to this pillow. 

The back of the pillow is just the red and white polka dot fabric which is still pretty cute, in my opinion it would have been really cute to add something to back side of this pillow but I mean it's still really cute anyways even tho the back is kind of plain. 

There is a zipper towards the bottom to open and close to add a pillow or even use this as a pocket of some sort. Me personally I'm going to be using it as a pillow sense it's so soft and I'm excited to add it to my Disney collection of pillow :)

Make sure you check her shop out here!