Thursday, August 13, 2015

AtelierOfCat on Etsy :)

I received a few items from the shop AtelierOfCat on Etsy! 
She sent me a good assortment of what she typically sells in her shop which is awesome!
I got a necklace, chocker, ring, hair clip and a decoden mirror that I will be reviewing for you!  

The first item is a hair clip which is an adorable mustache! Its made out of a material that remind me of a thick version of felt. It's really adorable and I cant wait to wear it!
*Currently not listed in her shop*
This hair clip also has my favorite type on clip on the back! It also feels really secure onto the mustache!
The next piece is a beautiful necklace! Its a moon made out of little gears. Its definitely a "Steam Punk" style. I absolutely love this necklace. It's a little different from what I typically wear but I love it! The chain on this necklace has probably got to be my favorite part. Its super long which is typically the type of necklaces that I do wear!
The next item is a decoden covered compact mirror! I love this, as soon as I seen this I instantly put it into my purse. She did such a good job at the Decoden! She used really bright and colorful pieces.
*Currently not listed in her shop*
The mirror is really good quality and its actually pretty big as well!
The next item is a small little ring. I'm not going to lie at first I was really confused to what this exactly was, but then I figured out that its a little cat, pretty cute! The quality of this ring is okay, not bad but not the best.
*Currently not listed in her shop*
The last item I have to review is a choker. This one is beautiful, she sells a few different styles of chokers in her shop but I think this one is my favorite. It's pretty simple but also really pretty. Its made out of lace, and has a bow with a big rhinestone in the center.
Retails : ($2.00)
Make sure you check her shop out for more adorable pieces!

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