Friday, June 23, 2017

FitSnack Subscription Box Review!

I have another fun subscription box review for all of you today!  I feel like subscription boxes are always my favorite to review, because you really never know what you are going to get which is pretty exciting. It's almost like it's Christmas which is awesome! The box we are going to be taking a  look at today is called FitSnack. This is a monthly subscription of food. These are more on the healthier side as well which is cool! I loveeee getting food subscriptions because it's just really convenient for me. I don't know about you guys but I seriously hate going grocery shopping. I feel like it always takes up a huge amount of my time and I also never go outside of my box and pick up different things to try which is why I love this box! I do have to say before we get started with this review I have to apolgize for not including more pictures of the items of the box. I'm not even going to lie, these snacks did not last long in my household. Between my boyfriend and I we both demolished this box within hours of opening it!LOL we just had to try everything and let me just tell you everything was pretty good.

Inside my box was:
Tickle Water in the flavor green apple- To be honest I wasn't too sure about this one. I am not a huge fan of green apple. I was really surprised with this one. This a carbonated drink. I wouldn't say it's like most that I have ever had. The flavor wasn't very strong it was really just the right about of sweetness and not overpowering at all. I really thought this was super refreshing. I will definitely be checking out this brand in the future to see what other flavor they have.

KaCookies, two flavors one in BlueBerry and one in Chocolate- These were gluten free and made with no eggs or dairy products. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate. I decided to try the berry one first. I thought these were going to taste not so great, but once again I was wrong. I loved these a lot. They had the perfect consistency and I thought they were extremely flavorful. They didn't taste much like any healthy cookie to me!

Beanitos- I have heard of these before and have always been super curious to try them. So I was glad to see that two bags were included inside this box for me! These are tortilla chips but they are made out of black beans. I will tell you that these were truly amazing! I thought these were the perfect amount of saltiness for my liking. The bag size was pretty nice as well. I was super glad that there were two of these instead of just one!

Amesty bar in Peanut butter- I got pretty excited when I seen this for a few reason. 1. I love any type of bar that's usually what my go to snack is 2. I am beyond obsessed with peanut butter. I loved the texture of this bar it wasn't hard, and it wasn't too soft either (HA that's what she said, sorry had too lol). Anyways. I thought this was pretty good as well. I think this would be a great snack that would definitely hold you over till your next meal. It was really filling.

Turkey Jerky- This was the first thing that was gone out of this box lol. As you can see it's not even in this photo because I couldn't even wait to eat it. I apologize but I don't even remember what brand it was but just know that it was great lol! 

Also included in this box they include some extra supplements, these are cool that they include these but to be honest I'm all about the food! I do have to say my boyfriend enjoyed that part of the box.

Now I know you all are probably thinking that I'm full of it, saying that everything "tasted so good". I truly am not lying though. I can totally say that I am usually a very picky eater so finding things for me isn't always the easiest. This box contained a lot of different variety, and it was things I wouldn't typically go for while grocery shopping. This box really took me out of my bubble and I loved trying new things. 

I am proud to announce that I will be bringing you monthly reviews for this subscription box and I am so excited to see what's in next months box!

If you are interested in checking this box out check out the link below! Boxes start off as low as $15.90 per month!

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