Tuesday, January 5, 2016

JuliesHandMadeSoaps on Etsy! Review!

I received some pretty awesome soap samples from a shop on etsy by the name of JuliesHandMadeSoaps
I have done quite a few soap reviews here on my blog, but I have to say this one Is way different from any other one I have reviewed yet. As you can tell from the pictures in this post, these are Mickey and Minnie soaps! I have never reviewed soap that was made from a mold before. I love how these bars of soap are Disney as well. As you you all know I am obsessed with Disney, enough with all these bars of soap look lets get into a full review on how I liked them.

She sent me 4 different samples to try out. Two are Mickey and two of them are Minnie Mouse. I cant get over how perfect these look to be honest with you. I have seen some people try to make soap out of molds similar to these and have them fail miserably but I do have to say that she did an amazing job at making these. In the box that she shipped these in there wasn't a label on which scent these were so I kinda just had to make a guess for myself by the scents she has listed on her site. I'm going to guess both of the blue soaps are in the scent downy, which is a fabric softener. This scent was probably my favorite out of these soaps. This is a very refreshing and clean scent which I really enjoy. The green bar of soap I do believe is eucalyptus, which was amazing as well. This scent was pretty strong but not overpowering. I love the smell of eucalyptus especially when I'm sick. I'll be hanging out to this one for the next time I get a cold, this will be perfect for a warm bubble bath. The brown Mickey bar is next, this is the one I had the biggest problem trying to identify out of the three that she sent me to try. I'm just making a guess, but I do feel like this one is Lavender. To be 100% honest I'm not a huge fan of floral scents so this one wasn't quite for me, but that's okay! My mom really enjoyed this one, so in the end it all worked out.
As far as the quality of these soaps go, I can honestly say I was impressed. I loved the fragrance of each of these soaps. I can honestly say that I was impressed with how high in fragrance these were  as well. The scent in these never faded away. It's hard to find a bar of soap like that. Even some of the ones you find in the stores loose these scent after a few times after using them but I can assure you, that you wont have that problem with these. I tried each of these soaps out just by washing my hands with them a few times with each. I have super sensitive skin, so I wanted to be careful and just try them out as hand soap first.
These bars of soaps left my hands feeling clean and my hands actually smelt good as well. I had no skin irritation with any of these soaps so I will be using these in the shower next time. I love how these soaps can have a few different uses. For example  you can use these as just a bar of soap to wash your hands or you can also use these as a body soap, or maybe a bar of soap to shave with. These are really nice bars of soap and they make some pretty cute décor as well. I left these in my soap dish in my guest bathroom and I received sooo many compliments from people.
This shop has a wide range of different soaps. She has a bout a million molds to choose from (okay maybe not a million, but she has a lot lol you get the point) She can make the soaps in a wide range of colors and scents as well, which is pretty cool. These would make a great gift sense they are so customizable.
I highly recommend this shop, and all of her products. She is extremely talented and I am so grateful I was able to include her in my blog.



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