Tuesday, January 5, 2016

DesignsByDJ1 On Etsy! Review!

I received some pretty gorgeous prints from a shop on etsy by the name of DesignsByDJ1 

The first set of prints that she sent me is a set of 2 different prints. Of course they had to be Disney :) lol. I love the prints that she sent me these are in the set that she calls Bambi and they are adorable.

This first print is a Bambi silhouette with some flower. This is a pretty plain print but I really like it. I love the color scheme for this set of prints. The silhouette itself is black with small white polka dots. I love how she made the silhouette with the dots, it adds a little girly touch to them. 

The next print in this set is a quote the matches perfectly with the Bambi print. This one says "Love you my dear". This quote pretty much speaks for itself. I love the creativity behind this print. Thee quote goes so well with the print of Bambi.

The color scheme of these are grey black and white, which is pretty perfect for any space. I plan on placing these in black frames and hanging them next to each-other in my bedroom. The possibilities are truly endless with this sett of adorable prints. I can picture these in pretty much any room, with any theme to be honest. I can also see these in any colored frame. I am truly in love with these and cant wait to hang these up in my room :)

Now this next set is a "bonus" lol. We never spoke about these, so these were a surprise to me which was exciting :) This set is Paris theme and it's adorable as well. This set has 3 prints instead of the previous set which just had the two. I love how this set is a little bigger, it gives you some more options when you decide to hang these.

This first print in the set has a baby pink background with some black accents. In the center of this print there is one big cat and on each side of the cat there are smaller cats. I love this it's super cute and really girly as well, which I also really like too lol. I love the small details on this print such as the bow in the center of the print as well.

Next in the set we have something a a little different then the two other prints. Instead of this being cartoonish like the others, this one is a real photograph of the Eiffel tower which is gorgeous. I love how she left the actual photograph to be black and white. To make this print match with the set she made sure to make the same boarder on this one as well. She even made sure to include small little details such as small cat which is on top of the boarder, and even the little bow at the bottom as well. I think having her add these small little clip art pictures was truly the perfect finishing touch.

The last print in this set is a quote. The quote on this print says "I love Paris". This last print take bits and pieces from both of the previous prints. It has the cats, and it also has an Eiffel tower as well. I love how she put pretty much both of those together and then created this last one to finish the set. I love the color scheme for this set of prints as well. This would look adorable in a little girls bedroom, or even a Paris themed bathroom.

I would say I'm highly impressed with the quality of these prints. Each print was wrapped up individually and mailed to me in an envelope. The way she packaged these up was super nice, they came to me in perfect condition.

All of these prints are printed on high quality photo paper. The paper itself is super nice and really glossy, these would look beautiful in any type of frame. The way they are printed as well, is really done nicely too. There are no flaws in any of these that she sent me.

Make sure you check this shop out here:

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