Monday, November 16, 2015

WineAboutJewelry on Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received some pretty cool wire wrapped jewelry pieces from a shop on Etsy by the name of WineAboutJewelry

The first item that she sent me to review is this necklace. As you can see the actual necklace it self is a pretty long chain. Long chains are probably my favorite types of necklaces so I was pretty excited when I seen this in the package. The chain for the necklace I received is 20 inches long.

Now lets get on to the actual pendent part of this necklace. I have seen wire wrapped necklace before, but I have never found anything quite like this one before. She made  a bird's nest out of wire, which is incredible. I love the unique-ness of this piece. It's really cute. This nest features three eggs, and these eggs are gorgeous. They are almost like a greenish color and I just love it! I cant get over how much this really looks just like a real nest, it's pretty incredible in my opinion and I really cant wait to wear this some more, I know I will receive lots of compliments while wearing this piece.

The next piece that she sent me to review is a wire wrapped rings. This ring is pretty simple but I really do like it. The middle piece to the ring, is just a swirly center, and the band is pretty simple as well.

Here's me rocking the ring lol. It's actually really comfortable to be honest. I thought it would be very uncomfortable, but I was wrong lol. It's so light weight you can hardly even feel that it is there, which is really nice, because most of the time jewelry irritates me lol.

Both of these pieces, are super well made. I'm surprised to be quite honest. I highly recommend this jewelry to anyone. It's really light weight, so it's good for pretty much anyone.

These would be great gifts for any girl, pretty much any age group from kids up!

Make sure you check out this shop here:

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