Wednesday, October 7, 2015

MacDaddySoaps On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received a few different items to review for you guys from a shop on Etsy by the name of MacDaddySoaps

This shop owner sent me wide variety of items that she sells in her shop from bath bombs to bars of soaps. When I first opened the packaged I seen this super adorable pink box, inside this box is where all the products were hiding. I was instantly impressed with just the packaging, it looked very professional and not just all slapped together. Packaging is always one of the most important things to me about buying products from different shops, and this is just way too adorable for words.

*Please note that I have tried all of these products and delayed this blog just so I could try them out and give you my honest opinion*

The very first item I opened in this package was a bar of soap. This bar of soap is in the scent Kiwi Island. Instantly I wanted to try this out so I did, I took a bath and used this to shave with. I was really impressed with this bar of soap, It was super moisturizing and smelt delicious. To be 100% honest I thought this scent was going to be really strong, but it wasn't It was very suttle, which I did enjoy

I forgot to take a picture of this soap outside of the package so I borrowed this image off of her site. You can see all the colors that are in this bar, and also you can see the little black dots. Those in fact are the seeds in a kiwi. It gives it a rougher texture which is almost an exfoliater, which is one of my favorite things ever lol. Another good thing is that this soap is going to last you a really long time, I took a really long bath and kinda forgot that it was in the tub with me oopsies lol. When I pulled it out of the tub I was expecting this soap to have shrunk and gotten a lot smaller, but it really didn't. I really did enjoy this soap.

Next up are these Grapefruit scented bath bombs. If you haven't tried a bath bomb yet, you are truly missing out. I am a huge fan of bath bombs in general so these  had to keep up with my high expectations. I actually used this while I was sick, and it was really relaxing. I wasn't a fan of the scent once I first smelt it, but once I used it in the bath I really did enjoy it. It wasn't too strong, and wasn't too light, it was pretty perfect in my opinion. These are on the smaller side of the bath bombs I have seen, but in my opinion this is all you really need, there no need to waste a huge bath bomb on one bath, feels like a waste to me. But these do the job perfectly, and for the price you really cant beat it.

This is a Vanilla bean lotion. I'm not a huge fan of lotion in the first place but I decided to try this out anyways. I wasn't super in love with this and I didn't hate it either. It made my skin really soft and wasn't greasy which is a good thing.

The last thing I have to review for you is this "Poo Spray" I'm sure you all have seen the commercials for a product similar to "Poo Pouri". Pretty much this is a product you use before you go to the bathroom, you spray this a few times in the toilet bowl, and it creates a film of product on top of the water that traps all the smells, so they don't go in the air. I have always wanted to try this product and when I found a much cheaper alternative I was really excited. I did happen to try this product out, TMI I know I'm sorry lol, but this really did work! It has a really strong scent and made my bathroom smell amazing, and my boyfriend used it as well, and I was actually able to go in the bathroom after he was done using is and not die lol. This a great product and probably it my favorite out of all the ones she sent me.


This last little bundle she sent me is giveaway pack for my readers, and one of you lucky people out there will be winning this guy in December so stay tuned!

Inside you will be receiving a bath bomb, a peppermint bar of soap, and Vanilla lotion and this adorable pink Clinique bag!

This is a $15.95 value and it will be yours for FREE!

These would be great gifts for prettty much anyone, people who love to pamper themselves. I feel like a wide variety of people would truly enjoy these products.

Make sure you check this shop out here:

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