Friday, October 23, 2015

LittleMyrrhmaid on StoreNvy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received some adorable bows from a shop on StoreNvy by the name of LittleMyrrhmaid 

She sent me two bows for me to review for you guys.

Both of these bows are Disney inspired. This first bow I have is Minnie Mouse inspired. This looks identical to what Minnie Mouse would wear. I love this one a lot. This one is pretty plain, but super cute. It's just red fabric with white polka dots! I love how this one is so basic, you could wear this with a lot of different things. This would actually be pretty perfect if you were planing on dressing up like Minnie Mouse. This really would be the perfect accessory to add to your costume.


It has just a regular hair clip on the back. As you can tell this hair bow is actually a 3D one. What I mean by that is that this hair bow is kind of like a plushie. It's filled with stuffing. I love the effect that it gives to the bow. It really make it pretty adorable.

The next bow is probably my favorite bow of all time. I have never seen something so creative like this one, so brace yourself here comes the ultimate cuteness overload. This bow is an Eeyore bow! I cant get over this one like at all lol. I love how this has a a little tail attached to it with a small button, identical to the one Eeyore has. She did an amazing job at creating this bow. This one isn't like the Minnie Mouse one, meaning that this one isn't stuffed. This one a is a little different. The fabric used for this one is on the harder side, which means that this bow wont get out of shape or anything which is a great thing. I love the little tail on this, she picked the perfect pink fabric to make the bow on the end of Eeyore's tail. The little hair at the end of the tail is pretty perfect too.


This one is attached to a normal hair clip just like the Minnie One.

As you can tell from the back this is a really well made bow as well.

These bows would be the perfect gift for any bow lover, Disney lover, or even the perfect finishing touch to your Halloween Costume :)

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