Wednesday, October 14, 2015

JillyDeesUniques On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide! Review!

I received two different items to review from a shop on etsy by the name of Jilly Dees Uniques

The first item that she sent me to review is the wooden picture frame. I really like how simple this frame is. There isn't a lot going on with this frame, which is great for a few different reasons. This would make an awesome present for pretty much occasion, and this frame could hold any themed picture really. I love the small details she put into this frame, like the adorable denim flower with a pearl in the middle. I really like the green ribbon she chose as well, with the small accent of a burlap string.  She did a really good job with the color scheme with this frame. I think every piece goes really well together, and I would have never guessed that at all!


The back is pretty plain. She didn't add anything, which is fine because this part wont be showing anyways lol. One thing I found kinda odd was there is no back to the frame where you place the picture. I guess this could be good and could be bad at the same time. It's good because it makes for getting the picture in and out super easy and simple. It could be bad because I don't know how well those clips will hold up with lining up the picture correctly in the frame. This frame actually isn't glass covered either. It's a thick plastic, which is perfect for me sense I am a super cluts, I don't have to worry about dropping and breaking this one woohoo! lol

The next item she sent me is this adorable Mickey Mouse hair bow. I am absolutely in love with this one. I have never had a bow that came in this shape before, it looks just like a flower, which is super cute. I love how the fabric isn't to wild and crazy so you could wear this on a lot of different occasions which is really nice as well.

I love the red wooden mickey head she chose to place in the center. This was the perfect addition in my opinion. It add a lot to the bow, but then again not to much either. I like how the red in the mickey head really brings out the red in the fabric. It really makes it pop!


The back is just your normal hair clip, which are my favorite. She even included a small piece of fabric over the clip so you don't have to look at it either. As you can tell from the back it is dont really nicely, and this bow wasn't made sloppy at all. I am impressed.

These gifts would be perfect for really anyone in your family or even some friends. The bow would be perfect for any Disney lover :)

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