Monday, October 5, 2015

EstellesVboutique On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide! Review!

I received two adorable pair of ears from a shop on etsy by the name of EstellesVboutique

The first pair that she sent me to review are these gorgeous ears that are inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast. These are gorgeous! These are my first pairs of ears that are "blinged" out!
I love how the ears are covered in yellow rhinestones, there isn't quite a lot going on with these, which I liked. They are on the more on the plain side. The rhinestones are placed perfectly and filled in really nicely.

In the center there is a red bow, in the center of the bow there is a rose that is covered in rhinestones. To be completely honest, when I first looked at these I thought they were inspired by Winnie the Pooh, because of the yellow and red. Once I seen the rose though, I instantly knew that these were inspired by Belle.

The next pair I received is a pair inspired by Elsa from frozen. I really like these as well! This one on the ears instead of covering the entire thing in rhinestones she made a snowflake pattern which is super creative. I like how she chose to do that instead of covering all of it up.

These did however arrive damaged :(
One of ears fell off, it's really not a big deal though it's a pretty simple fix. It will easily go back together once I attach some glue to it.

In the center she made a small bow out of tulle, which has a little bit of shimmer in it. For the center piece in these she placed a rhinestone snowflake which is the perfect finishing touch for these ears.

Overall I'd say I really do enjoy these ears. They are really cute ad stylish, they are also really unique as well. I find the look of all her creations to be a little different from any other on Etsy I have found. The actual ears on the headbands are lowered a little bit instead of being on the very top of the headband, which I like. The more I look at these the more I really do like them.

The headbands that these ears are attached to is really comfortable as well. I wore these around for a while and forgot about them. I haven't had the chance to wear these to Disney and I can't wait to do so!

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