Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Vintage paper exchange on Zibbet!

Original card design
I received a few different items from a shop by the name of Vintage paper exchange on Zibbet
The first item that this shop has sent me to review is a picture frame. To be quite honest I am not exactly sure how this was made but in my opinion it looks like the design is made out of tape and she put a top coat of something over top to seal it together, which is really cool. I really like this and I love the design of the frame.

The next set of items that she sent to me is some gift tags. These are adorable, she grouped these in 3 different groups and placed them in small envelopes to match. She sent some Disney ones, Christmas ones, and last but not least a pack that was unmarked for a surprise :)

As you can tell from the picture these are awesome. Each tag contains a ribbon to match the tag which is pretty cool.

The Disney ones are probably my favorite this group contains a tag of Mickey, Pluto, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Daisy.

The Christmas ones are gorgous, and I love the colors that she chose to make these with.

The surprise ones turned out to be Dr Suess ones, these are awesome. They are super colorful and on the back they say Happy Birthday!

Next she sent me 4 different cards that she made with matching envelopes.

This first one is probably my favorite. This card is supposed to be used for a wedding card. The front is gorgeous and has a wedding cake on the front. This card looks really classy and elegant.

These next two cards are really similar. The only thing that is different about these two are the envolopes, this one has Santa on it.

The envelope on this one is little snowflakes, and its a very nice pattern.

The cards inside of these are  the exact same, they seem to be printed on some type of newspaper print (with small words written all over it) and it says "Joy" in glitter letters. I love the contrast of the background with the big words in the middle, it really makes it stand out.

This card is absolutely adorable is says Sugar and Spice on the envelope. The card inside is a bunch of pies and says "Made with Love" I really like this one as well.

Overall I really enjoyed everything that I received from this shop. All the products are great quality, and the prices are phenomenal. Check out her shop you wont be disappointed!

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