Monday, September 28, 2015

TheUniqueGemLady on Etsy!

I received a necklace from a shop by the name of TheUniqueGemLady on Etsy!

This necklace that she sent me is just gorgeous. This is one of her most popular items sold in her shop. This is called a tree of life necklace. She makes these in a lot of different variety's but I think the one that she sent me for this review is perfect. I love these pink stones used inside the necklace there so pretty. 

As you can probably tell from the pictures of this necklace, it's made on a really long chain, this is probably my favorite part about this necklace. I don't wear too many short necklaces, and I love long ones because they practically go with any outfit you could imagine!

I forgot to mention that on this chain, there is also some gems. These are the same gems that are used inside this necklace. By adding this final touch it really brings all the elements together, and makes it look more "uniform". The amount of detail put into this necklace is incredible. I'm pretty amazed that someone can make some so beautiful all by hand!

I really recommend checking her shop out, you will be amazed by her work and I promise you that!

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