Friday, August 14, 2015

Yuhyou on etsy!

I received a custom made blanket by YuhYou on Etsy :)

She custom made this just for me I was able to pick the fabric and colors I wanted which was pretty cool and of course I had to pick something Disney :)
This blanket is so well made its incredible. It's hard to find someone in general to make blankets at all, let alone the good quality of a blanket like this!
For the front side of the blanket she used an adorable Olaf fabric!

Now who doesn't just love Olaf! Lol
And for the back of the blanket she used a really soft teal blue fabric that I love!!!!
This fabric is so soft and cuddly I love it!
She also was able to embroider something on the inside as well so she wrote #disneyfreak
This part came out absolutely perfect! She was able to even use the Disney font which is incredible!
This blanket was so well made you can see each stitch is just perfect.
This literally looks like something you would just go out and buy. It's perfect there are no flaws in this at all!
I love the adorable silk ruffle she added to the edges of this blanket it makes the fabric pop even more!

While making this blanket she wanted to make a "test" one so she made this 

The fact that she included this was awesome! She also makes blankets just like that with the little tags on it as well. 
All of her blankets look fantastic and the fact that I now own one is awesome! I highly reccomend checking her out. You will be amazed by her work. I sure hope she's still in business when I have my baby lol

Make sure you check her out here: