Friday, August 7, 2015

WrappedWithAWish on Etsy!

I received a few adorable bows from a shop called Wrappedwithawish
She sent me 2 adorable and unique bows 

The first bow is a peter pan inspired bow which is just absolutely adorable.
Definitely haven't ever found a bow based on this character before which is awesome.
and the sparkles on it are just so pretty! 
*Not featured in her shop at this time* 
And it has my favorite type of clip!!! 
the next bow that she sent me is a mickey mouse inspired one which is just way too adorable!
It looks just like Mickey and I cant wait to wear it! This one has two little white buttons on the front.
I just love it.
Retails: ($7.00)
This one's clip did come off in the mail but its an easy fix with some glue so no big deal!
You can just see the time she puts into making these bows, they are so well made and full of small little details which is hard to find no a days! I highly recommend these adorable Disney inspired bows for any Disney Freak!
Make sure you check her etsy store out she has a wide selection of bows and I cant wait to get some more from her!

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