Monday, August 31, 2015

TheCrochetClosetTN on Etsy!

I received an adorable beanie from a shop on Etsy by the name of TheCrochetClosetTN 

She sent me an awesome crochet hat inspired by Minnie Mouse! This hat is so adorable, and super well made. My favorite part about this is that its pink instead of red, which is really awesome. This beanie features a big "Minnie" bow one the top of the hat with white polka dots. This hat always has 2 little Minnie ears, which is kinda hard to see in this picture.

The bottom part of the hat is just pink with white polka dots. These polka dots are so perfect its unreal!

I included a zoomed in picture so you can see all the details in this. I can't even imagine how long this took her to make. I absolutely love this piece.

This beanie is considered to be an ear flap hat, so on each side of this hat there are two very long braids. The braids are made up of the three colors that are win the hat, pink, black and white. The braids add a really cute touch to this hat. 

When I first tried this hat on I was with the four year that I babysit for and she was in awe by this hat. She then began to tell me that I looked just like Anna from frozen, which I found very cute and funny lol.

Overall I'm super impressed by this hat. It's really good quality, better then you could find in any store.It's super warm and will be perfect for when it gets cold. I'm definitely going to be wearing this when its cold and when I go to Disney during these times. I love this hat!

Make sure you check her shop out she makes all kinds of hats, beanies, and other crocheted items and there all super cute!

Check her shop out here: