Saturday, August 1, 2015

Thaidrygoods on etsy

I got a few items from a store by the name of Thaidrygoods on etsy.

The first item is a large cosmetic bag with a wrist strap. The colors in this bag are just beautiful they are very vibrant and pop. Definitely very eye catching. 
The size is pretty big and will fit a bunch of items. My naked pallet by Urban Decay will fit in this bag which is super exciting because I have yet to find a bag that will fit it. This is the perfect makeup bag. I'm super excited to use it.
Retails: ($13.00)

The next item is a matching coin purse. It's a basic coin purse but I really like it. Both of these feel very durable and would last a very long time. The zippers on both of these are really nice and open and close very easily.
Retails: ($4.00)

The last bag I received is a wristlet with the same color scheme as the others but a little different then the first two bags that I showed. This one has a lot more detailing on it. The flowers are beautiful! This is the perfect bag to throw all of your stuff in, when you don't feel like carrying around a big purse. I was surprised by how much this could actually hold. My iPhone 6 plus fit inside along with some of my credit cards and few other small items. I'm super excited about this item, I've been looking for a good wristlet for a while and this one is pretty much perfect for what I really need!
Retails ($4.50)

The last 2 items I received are not bags, they are super adorable and cute keychains!
I was really surprised when I received  these by the quality of these. Both of them have little bells on them so they jingle which is just adorable!
Retails ($3.00)
Retails: ($4.50)

Both of these are so cute and definitely one a kind you won't find these just anywhere and that's for sure. They are very unique and one of a kind. 

Overall I'd say this shop is pretty awesome. They have a wide range selection of all types of bags and other items that would pretty much suite anyone's needs. There prices are really good and you can get a lot for your money here. Shipping time is also pretty good It only took 3 days to get to me, which is a huge plus for me, you cant really find quick shipping, cheap prices and high quality products just anywhere! I highly recommend this shop and its high quality products and can't wait to get more items from them in the future please make sure you check their store out. 


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