Thursday, August 27, 2015

SwankyCrafts on Etsy!

I received 2 different products to review by the shop SwankyCrafts on Etsy!

The first item is a a beautiful wedding card. This card is super pretty and definitely something you would want to give to someone. This card is white, and has small hearts in different types on papers on the front of it. I was looking in her shop and you can actually customize this card! You can include the date and the names of the bride and groom! That is so cool! I'm super picky when it comes it cards and i'm blown away by this one! Cards in the store can get super expensive, this one is a steal! and the fact that you can customize it for you is pretty awesome!

The inside of the card has a piece of white paper with 2 sides. This is perfect because it gives you a lot of room to write your own message, or even have multiple people sign this card. This card also came with a white envelope to match. I'm super excited to use this card in the future!

The next item is a Christmas card. This card is super simple and cute, thee small snowflakes are really pretty and have small detailing in the middle of each one. I didn't take a picture of the inside of this one because its just plain, which is great. This is a simple card and could be used for pretty much anyone for the Christmas holiday. I know for a fact I will be using this card this year. This card also came with a brown envelope to match!

The last item I have to review is a few different styles of gift tags that she makes. She sent me a good assortment of these. These tags are pretty simple, but I really like this. I love how she used a burlap material for the strings on top, it gives it that rustic feel which I really love. These are super inexpensive as well, and would surely spice up any package you need to wrap!
Retails:(10 for $1.57)

Overall I'd say I'm pretty impressed with the quality of her products, and the fact that her prices are so low! I really suggest checking her shop out!

The link is: