Sunday, August 30, 2015

Creativeniknaks On Etsy!

I received a absolute beautiful art piece from a shop by the name of Creativeniknaks
The shop owners name is Laura and she makes beautiful artwork that is definitely one a kind. I've yet to find anything like this before ever!

She makes beautiful 3D art pieces inside of a shadow box. She makes a big variety of these and of course I got a Disney one :) She sent me Belle which is incredible.

I cant get over the amount of detail in this piece. My favorite part of this, has got to be the red flowers that are in her hair. It just adds so much depth to this piece and definitely is the thing in this that really catches my eye. I love how there red as well it is a great contrast to her yellow dress.

She made this inside of a black shadow box that's 8in x 10in Its pretty deep in depth. 

I tried to include photos from all angles, so you can get a better view on how this really looks in real life. It was really hard trying to photograph this, you really need to see this in person, its incredible.

The amount of time and effort put into this really shows, in fact all of the pieces in her shop all the pieces in her entire shop are all the same way, I'm actually working with her now too plan out the next piece, stay tuned because I will definitely be posting it right on the blog. I wont tell you what it will be, but i will give you a hint...


Check out her shop here: