Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Create A Scent

I received 3 different items from a company by the name of Create A Scent
A body butter, Lotion and a bar of soap!

The first item is a lotion in the scent "Almond Joy" this definitely isn't a scent I would ever go for because I'm not a huge chocolate fan and I hate the smell. Its not terrible it just isn't a scent for me that's all. I do however like the packaging of these products! I really like how this lotion is in a pump bottle too, those are my favorite kind!
The next item I received is a body butter in the scent Pina Colada. Now this is more my style. I'm a big fan of Body Butters in general because there usually a lot thicker, and usually a lot more moisturizing as well. I really enjoy the scent of this one, its super fruity which I really like! The only bad thing I could possibly say about this one is that the packaging is way to small and I wish that there was more! lol
This soap bar is called Spring Time Three butter soap. It got a little destroyed/melted in the mail, but that's not a big deal. The colors of this bar of soap is beautiful! you can also see a little bit of shimmer in the soap as well which is really pretty!!! I love this soap it looks just like Spring! What a perfect name for this bar of soap! The fragrance is really florally which isn't my favorite but it still smells really nice!
Make sure you check this shop out below is listed  Deborah's Phone number, website and email address!

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