Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My custom planner I ordered on etsy

I decided that I wanted to order a planner on etsy because my previous planner ended on an odd month and it was impossible to find one that started when I needed one. So I thought etsy would be the best option. I found a shop with a very sweet shop owner and fell in love with her planners. She custom made me a cover which is so cute!
She was super friendly and we communicated quite a bit for a few days just making sure she knew exactly what I wanted. She was always very helpful and replied to messages quite quickly. She ended up making my columns in the planner completely custom for me with a column for work and a column for babysitting I could have customized the rest but I decided to leave them blank. 

She also started on the month that I wanted and ended a month later then what she orginally told me which was awesome. 
The quality of her planners she makes are so great! They are super durable and will definitely hold up the covers are made out of a hard plastic like material and the medal spiral binding is so well made the pages will never come out and that's for sure.
I can't be any more happy than I am with this planners it's everything that I ever wanted in a planner and i'm so glad I found her on etsy!

I'm so beyond happy with my purchase and highly recommended her shop if your looking to get a planner 😀
She will make you exactly what you want and what will be perfect just for you!

Her shop name is kasefazem

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