Friday, October 30, 2015

TheSoapClub! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

Soap Club

I received two different bars of soap from a company called SoapClub

This first bar of soap is in the scent "Peary Perfect". I really liked this scent and really enjoyed using this product. I thought the scent was very sweet but not to overpowering at all, which was really nice. I only used this to try out on my hands and it really did do a good job.As you can tell from this picture this is a really big sized soap bar.  I think this is a bar of soap you could use in the shower as well.

This is the description of the scent that they have on their website:

"Sweet and summery, our Peary Perfect artisan soap combines notes of crisp, juicy pears with fragrant sweet berries for a fruity and refreshing scent. Made with natural oils and butters, our soaps are deeply moisturizing for replenished, revitalized skin."


The next bar of soap I received is in the scent "Oatmeal Goat’s Milk Clean’n’Calm" To be completely honest I wasn't too excited when I seen this one in the box, just because I have tried soap like this this in same scent and I have never been too over excited about them before. To my surprise I actually enjoyed this one so much more. I loved the scent of this one, it was very relaxing, and calming. I used this one in the bath actually. I used this as shaving cream to be honest. I have super sensitive skin especially on my legs, and this worked wonders! It was super super nourishing and made my skin super soft. I loved it! This is probably one of the best soaps I have ever used before. This isn't packed with lots of scents, so this one is pretty much perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin. This would also make a great soap to just use on washing your hands as well.

This is the product description listed on the website for this soap:

"Deeply moisturizing, our handmade Clean’n’Calm soap is finely crafted with goat’s milk and oatmeal to calm irritated skin. Gentle and soothing, Clean’n’Calm has a light, comforting fragrance and a rich lather to pamper even the most sensitive skin."


Overall I'd say I'm super impressed with this company and super curious about their products. I can tell you from my experience that this company is really great. They even have a monthly program where you can sign up and get a box of soap delivered to your door each month! How cool is that?! There are so many options, with different price plans, so you can find the perfect one for you and your budget!

Each soap comes in its own box, so you don't need to worry about having damaged soap come to your door. The boxes they come in are really nice as well.  I am truly blown away by this company and how amazing they are, I am so honored I got to work with them and hope to work with them again in the future.

A great gift would be signing a friend up for the subscription box, and make it a surprise. It's a very nice thought and would be an awesome surprise gift :)

They also sell these adorable soap holders that you can get here:


This is the link to their website is here:

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