Monday, August 10, 2015

FanGirlCreations on Etsy!

I got a few Disney inspired bows from a shop by the name of FanGirlCreations
I got a total of 3 bows from her 2 larger sized bows and 1 smaller one. 

This first one I got is Snow White!
This bow is absolutely adorable! I love the small details on this bow, the little apple is so cute!! It feels like it super durable and well made which is exactly what I will need because I plan on wearing these to Disney when I go. 

The next one is Pascal!
I'm not a huge fan of the color green but this bow definitely is very eye catching. It has sparkles on it which makes me like it so much lol. I love the little curl on the bow to represent his tale just way to cute!

The last bow is a Mulan one
This one has got to be my flavorite bow of the 3 that I got. The details in this bow are just incredible. They put a small flower on the side which looks identical to the flower that she wears in her hair in the movie. They also added a small little necklace near the bottom too! This bow is incredible! 

These bows are just so beautiful! I am so impressed with the small details and the quality of these I can't get over it! The clips on these bows are my favorite kind and they feel super secure! These bows are definitely one of my favorite things I have reviewed on here so far and i'm beyond impressed. If your looking for any bow this is the shop to go to

Make sure you check this shop out she has lots of different bows and there all super beautiful!
Definitely I will be purchasing some more bows from this shop in the future!

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